When the Red Hot Chili Peppers fans are in a RHCP by ORGANI'C gig unknowing the band, they usually get surprised at finding the same energy and peculiar emotion only found at Chili Peppers shows. The fans are taken to a concert of their idols by closing their eyes, but even the closer look on the scene will not be able to break this link.

The main purpose of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers by Organi'c (Name inspired by an interview Flea did on MTV where he claimed the Peppers’ music was something “organic and alive”), since its establishment in August of 2003 *In São Paulo - Brazil), is to be one of the greatest tributes to Chili Peppers ever done, for those thousands of fans that have never had a chance to see and hear RHCP live and enjoy this experience.

The band is the first and only Tribute Band in Brazil to be on a European tour, performing in more than 25 cities in 7 countries. It was when it won the nickname of Red Hot Chili Peppers World Tribute, precisely because it is the first Tribute Band in the World to have an International line up with members from different countries.

In Brazil the band has been in more than 200 cities from South to North and 12 states over almost 10 years of existence.

It is valid to say that the members were introduced through a long and careful selection, are absolutely and foremost fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers. With talents truly differentiated, and a physical appearance very similar to the original artists, the band brings to the public not only quality music but also look for unusual shows.

The current tour: “Dream of Californication” brings up a reproduction of Californication Era. It’s the first part of the trilogy: Californication, By The Way and Stadium Arcadium In celebration for the ten years of the band.

This is a homage made with love and dedication by fans as a true tribute to the one of the best and greatest band of all time...

"One Big Concert, an International attraction, which is in fact “

"Definitely the RHCP by ORGANI'C is not a common Tribute Band"